Iyanla Counsels Shaniece and Meets Baby Leo | Livin’ Lozada

Three years after spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant helped Evelyn work through a personal crisis, she gets a chance to meet Evelyn’s children, Shaniece and Leo. When Iyanla puts Shaniece in the hot seat and begins to discuss her relationship with longtime boyfriend Zat Knight, talk turns to marriage. Iyanla says she believes women should wait until they’re at least 25 before they say “I do.”

“When we go so young and get married, and give ourselves away and turn ourselves over, we miss out,” she tells Shaniece. “If you have any question, any doubt [about the marriage], don’t do it.”

Then, Evelyn is anxious for Iyanla to meet 1-year-old Leo, the child she had with her finacĂ© Carl Crawford. “I give Iyanla a lot of credit for, you know, helping me change my life,” she says. “I feel like because of her, I have Leo, I’m engaged and I’m happy.”

Watch as Evelyn tells Iyanla why she believes Leo was meant to be.


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