Bunny Williams Tells Us How to Create a Welcoming Vacation Home

The designer opens up to AD about creating a getaway that’s perfect for entertainingBunny Williams’s latest book opens with a description of her dream vacation home: “A house where we would really live outside, a house where the ocean breezes would blow through, and a house that would be a place in which we could gather our friends and family.” In A House by the Sea (Abrams, $47.50), the design doyenne relays how, exactly, she and her antiques dealer husband, John Rosselli, set about conceiving and creating the airy, majestic Punta Cana retreat they named La Colina, after the shell abundant in the Dominican Republic. In a meeting of creatives that practically begs for a movie remake, the project began with Oscar de la Renta. The late designer, whose love for the relaxed lifestyle of his native Dominican Republic was well known among his acquaintances, first introduced Williams and Rosselli to his beloved homeland. What began as curiosity and fondness for the country grew as the couple revisited, and culminated in their decision to build La Colina, with the help of Cuban architect Ernesto Buch (introduced to the couple by De la Renta). AD caught up with Williams to find out more about her inspiration, her decorating process, and how she furnishes a large home to perfection.



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