“My message is global. I have taken upon myself this responsibility and I invite you to join me on this momentous journey.” http://basmahbintsaud.com/home/

The Fourth Way Law
Way is about tackling the root causes of discontent with sound leadership, respect and foresight, and creating the conditions necessary to bring access to opportunity to all.
The Fourth Law Way is a global constitution, one that features a bedrock of guarantees for all people, but which can also be tailored to fit different social contexts and local circumstances. It is both a statement of ideals, and a compromise document.
There are certain fundamentals of life that provide all citizens with the dignity and composure to live life in peace, fundamentals which resonate both in the corridors of power in a capital city and in the most traditional and most distant community in the land.
Those are: security, freedom, equality and education.
In breaking down and addressing each of these fundamentals in turn, The Fourth Way distils rights to their core, so they become a platform that can be built upon depending on the national, regional, social and historical context. One size does not fit all, of course – the Fourth Way is a platform to build on, offering a core of rights that all find acceptable. From there, each place tailors it to their particular context.
Many of the rights cut across categories and support one another, and have application in different categories. None contradict or preclude each other.


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