“Imagine a world where all children are equally valued, a world where all children are seen as a gift.”


Established in 1990, the nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization, develops and implements model programs that supports the learning of children of all abilities, typical, gifted and those with disabilities, from ages birth to 14, to achieve their maximum potential and to experience full inclusion. Children with and without disabilities are educated in the same environment, striving for academic excellence and conscious citizenship.
About CHIME Insitute


The money CHIMEapalooza! raises through ticket sales and our nail-bitingly-exciting live auction allows us to raise critical funds to benefit the whole Institute (infant/toddler, preschool, charter school, and teacher training programs).
These funds have translated into great stuff for the CHIME community! In addition to research and professional development for the Institute, take a look at some of the great stuff we were able to purchase for all of our students!
NEW Sports Equipment (balls, basketball hoop, hula hoops, tricycles)
NEW Technology (iPads, Elmo tablets, electronic textbooks)
NEW Shed for the infant/toddler program!


The CHIME Institute, a nonprofit organization established in 1990, is a national leader in the development and implementation of an unique model of inclusive education. Inclusive education at CHIME Institute means that children who reflect the demographics of the surrounding region—including children who develop typically, children with special needs and children who are gifted—learn side by side.
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